Purchasing Process

On this page you will find all the information you will need to purchase CloudClarity. We believe in the products we build, that’s why our app has a free trier and you can trial CloudClarity without any commitment – so you can find out whether it is right for you and your business. And of course we love feedback so please get in touch whatever it is you want to let us know.

How to buy CloudClarity

Our approach to sales

At CloudClarity our goal is to make your life a little bit easier by providing you easy to use tools to empower your team and answer the questions you have about your cloud deployments. The clarity and transparency you gain will help you to drive accountability and reduce cost.

We are committed to these promises and spend the majority of our budget on building out CloudClarity. Since we believe in our product we offer a free tier and unconditional fully functional trial so you can find out whether CloudClarity is right for you.

Clarity is not only in our name, we also kept the licensing and purchasing process clear and simple – and provide all the information you may need. If you have any questions or feedback please contact us we like to hear from you.

What this means for you:

Fully functional free trial

Standard terms of service for all customers

Simply pay with your Azure Subscription in your local currency

Monthly payments, no lock-in contracts

Frequent product updates and improvements

Free 1 hour onboarding session, included during trial

Fast email support

How to pay for CloudClarity

You can pay for CloudClarity through the Microsoft Marketplace and get billed on your Azure Subscription in your local currency on a monthly cycle, simple.

If you would like to be billed upfront for the year, please get in touch at info@cloudclarity.app.

Pricing model overview

CloudClarity is licensed based on Azure Subscriptions in your environment. To be able to empower your team and get the most out of our product it is essential to get CloudClarity to as many users in your organisation as possible, that’s why we do not have any user caps on our pricing plans. We chose this pricing model since it’s clear, simple to understand and gives you the flexibility to license it for the subscriptions you need it for.

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Business Case Template

This template can be used as a foundation for building a business case for adopting CloudClarity within your organisation. We provide a Microsoft Word version of this template here for download. We encourage you to copy and customise this template by adding or removing any information to make it more relevant to the needs of your organization.

Our current problems

*Remove the problems that are not applicable to your organization, and add any that are missing.*

  • Nobody in our organisation knows if our tagging standard is adhered to.

  • We know there is some good information in our tags but it’s very inconsistent.

  • Changing or merging tags is a very laborious process which includes writing custom scripts.

  • For compliance purposes we need to ensure that all resources are tagged with a certain tag e.g. data classification but we don’t have a method to report or govern this.

  • I would like to run tag based cost reports but always see “untagged” as a cost.

  • I would like to look at my environment through metrics meaningful to my business, like applications/system owner/cost centre but don’t know how to achieve that have a method to achieve this at scale.

  • I would like to share Azure cost data with my team to drive visibility and consumption cost accountability.

  • As an application owner I’m responsible for resources across a number of subscriptions and I’m unable to maintain visibility in terms of cost and compliance.

  • I am unable to identify the biggest cost drivers in my Azure environment by resource, resource type, resource group or any metric used as tag.

How could CloudClarity help?

*Edit from our existing list, and add any other ways that CloudClarity will help to address problems within your organization.*

  • Consolidate inconsistencies in tag keys and values. For example if a tag key or tag value have the same meaning but spelled differently (App Name, Application, Application Name etc.). CloudClarity provides an easy to use web interface to consolidate tag keys and also provides bulk import\export functions to consolidate tag keys in Excel.

  • Change the name of a tag key or value in your whole environment. CloudClarity provides an easy to use web interface to rename tag keys and values in bulk. For example change a cost centre code.

  • Allocate Azure Usage Cost to a cost centre in real time. New resources are added to your deployment but are not tagged. In tag based reports where we can see breakdowns of your Azure cost that are meaningful to your business this cost will show as untagged and need to be assigned to a cost centre. With CloudClarity you can allocate this cost in real time.

  • Verify your environment against minimum suggested and Additional common tags as defined in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption framework. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cloud-adoption-framework/ready/azure-best-practices/resource-tagging

  • Validate Tag Health against a set of tag key that are important to your organisation or role. Finance departments, Project Managers, Application owners, engineers etc. have a set of tag keys which are important to them. A project manager might be interested in keys like Business Unit, Cost Centre, Owner where an engineer might be interested in tag keys like Disaster Recovery, Service Class or Environment.

  • Validate Tag Health for compliance purposes. If you have a tag key, say like data classification you need to ensure that all or a specific subset in your environment are tagged correctly and maintained. With Cloud Clarity you can provide a report to validate tag health for a specific tag key with the press of a button.

  • Provide personalised Azure usage cost data, broken down in to categories meaningful to your business. CloudClarity provides configurable personalised dashboards where resource information and consumption cost data can be summarised, filtered, compared and tracked.

  • Identify biggest cost drivers based your categorisation, resource group, resource type or resource. Cloud clarity provides a unique set of reports to identify biggest cost drivers.

What is CloudClarity?

CloudClarity is easy to use SaaS application helping you to maintain control of your cloud environment. With CloudClarity you can bulk edit Azure tags, analyse and share dashboards on your consumption cost by breaking it down into metrics meaningful to your business and as well as verify and manage your tag health against set standards. All this helps to improve control, cloud governance and consumption cost visibility.

How does CloudClarity compare to other alternatives?

*Remove any of the alternatives that are not relevant to your organisation, and add any others that you might be considering or have used previously but didn't work.*

  • We are currently managing tags manually. Which is very labour intensive and we are never consistent or up to date.

  • We are currently writing scripts to change and manage tags. This process is very laborious and can’t be easily shared within the team.

  • We are currently using Azure Cost Analysis for our reporting. But only few people know how to run reports and actually look at the data so we are missing out on optimisation and cost savings.

How will we start using CloudClarity?

*Edit and modify as necessary with more detail on how you plan to trial CloudClarity within your organisation.*

  • We can start trying CloudClarity as a free trial and get clarity on our tag health and can start streamlining tags and benefit for from the cost reports to understand our consumption costs.

  • At the end of the trial we can purchase CloudClarity through the Microsoft Marketplace in our local currency on a monthly basis. There is NO lock in contract.

How much does CloudClarity cost?

*Update as necessary to reflect your organisation's requirements*


For Small Teams and Cloud Environments


Tag Management and Tag Health

ARM Visualiser

Personalised Dashboards

Cost Summary and Cost Explorer

Supports up to 1 subscription / 1,000 resources


For Medium Sized Teams and Environments


Tag Management and Tag Health

ARM Visualiser

Personalised Dashboards

Cost Summary and Cost Explorer

Supports up to 5 subscriptions / 5,000 resources

BYO Storage Account


Large Orgs. wanting to manage their cloud environment at scale


Tag Management and Tag Health

ARM Visualiser

Personalised Dashboards

Cost Summary and Cost Explorer

Supports up to 50 subscriptions / 10,000 resources

BYO Storage Account

PowerBi Connector and Template


For MSP's, Large Government Agencies, or Large MNC's

Pricing on Request

Tag Management and Tag Health

ARM Visualiser

Personalised Dashboards

Cost Summary and Cost Explorer

Supports over 50 subscriptions / 10,000 resources

BYO Storage Account + Hybrid SaaS Deployment Model

PowerBi Connector and Template


Azure Virtual Desktop User Consumption Cost Reporting​


AVD Dashboard

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) User Consumption Report

CSV Export

PowerBi Connector and Template for AVD

Can be purchased as an add-on or standalone plan

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